Salve! This is a blog that is soon-to-be. Mostly we shall be discussing history and literature from the early middle ages, with elements of religious discussion thrown in for good measure. The author is an atheist and a scholar-in-training of early English medieval history. He is diligently scribing away in his cupboard.

There will be regular updates Monday-Wednesday-Friday-Sunday, and occasionally smaller posts shall fill in the gaps. The regular posts shall follow a rough pattern something like:

Monday: Medieval Monday! On Mondays will be posts discussing medieval history and modern medievalisms. As work on my thesis progresses, I anticipate that much of this content will be focused on 7thC northern Britain.

Wednesday: Wednesdays shall be days of poetry and translation; mostly translations of poetry from dead languages. Rest assured that there will be no original poetry coming from the blog’s author, mostly because he cannot write any. Your relief is palpable.

Friday: Friday is the day where we get to speak about anything I find interesting. Mostly this will be about other histories, sciences and the like. Occasional short book reviews shall also fall on such days.

Sunday: The holiest day of the week, Atheism Sunday is when I shall be levelling charges against religion, discussing the nature of affirmative atheism, and the like. Much of this may well be personal, but I can roll with the punches.

“For I Have Tasted the Fruit” will have content beginning Monday the 29th of March, in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Ten. That is very soon!