Three months, or thereabouts, since last I wrote here. Even then, my last few weeks of posts were late, or incoherent, scrabbling desperately at the edges of reason for something interesting to say. I wish I could I say I were busy scribing at my thesis, or working on translations, or doing any of the myriad other things I have had to do. I wish I could.

From here on out we are Trying Again, during the last few weeks of my undergraduate career. Supervisor Doctor Dan issued the nearest thing he has to an ultimatem, declaring that I would write something each day, no matter how sad or pathetic I felt it was. No matter if I felt I wasn’t ready to commit yet- that the point of a thesis is the process, and that was how these things worked. I am… less than optimistic, but here we go!

Ergo, the Medievalism Rampart astride the heraldry of Sir Monday shall -henceforth- be rambling about either my thesis or whatever classwork projects I am engaged upon. It is to be open that by transferring thoughts from my brain onto blog it will becoming easier to write something semi-coherent. This semi-coherent mass may then be thrust upon Doctor Dan, as my writer-brain huddles away, hiding his head in shame.

Something like that. ONWARD!