Our Host:

A few years after graduating high school in the final year of the twentieth century, I dropped out of a degree in genetics and chemistry. I then spent a year working as a kitchenhand, some months as a retail volunteer for Oxfam, and a year and a half as a pawnbroker before fleeing the state a few years ago to study medieval history.

I’d prefer it if you call me ‘B’.

For I Have Tasted the Fruit:

The internet needed another blog discussing atheism like a lobotomy patient needs ventilating. Yet I did so, for a while – and then the toxicity of the New Atheists overwhelmed me.

How many also described settlement period Iceland as a medieval Western, translate poems wherein Thor cross-dresses, or elucidate the links between climate change and the history of the middle ages? For I Have Tasted the Fruit is a blog about medieval history, science, religion, literature, and language. The author has eclectic interests. One day this blog may even be resurrected. Until then, enjoy a snapshot of my past writing.

The name comes from Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri and reveals what I was doing with my time in the late ’90s.


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